Untitled. III - Buch

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Untitled. III UNTITLED has previously claimed that Street Art is... mehr
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Untitled. III

UNTITLED has previously claimed that Street Art is the most important art movement of our time. It was a deliberately provocative thing to say and they remain unapologetic for it. But the hotly debated question still remains . . . Is Street Art an extension and evolution of Graffiti or a merely a corruption of Graff’s pure rebel yell into an easy to swallow rebel lifestyle?

This is Street Art. Make up your own mind.

A mix of top quality street art photos and acerbic, witty and sometimes downright obtuse commentary all delivered with a unique flair. Events given in depth coverage include the Agents of Change ‘Ghost Village’ project and the Fame Festival in Grottaglie, Italy. Elsewhere the images and artists chosen mean this book very much charts its own path. Some high profile but ultimately vacuous artworks are ignored to ensure the inclusion of more original and thought provoking work. Think of the editorial policy as operating a kind of BS detector and you’ll understand what is and isn’t likely to be included. – Art of the State

Siz: 235mm x 230mm
Pages: 192
Cover: Hardback

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