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Burn After Reading Legal or illegal graffiti. It’s sometimes beautiful, sometimes ugly, but... mehr
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Burn After Reading

Legal or illegal graffiti. It’s sometimes beautiful, sometimes ugly, but given time it can breathtaking in it’s skill of execution. Mural graffiti, although it may be unfashionable to say so – is impressive at least in part because it’s really bloody difficult to do it well. Sadly these murals take too long to create for the illegal stuff to proliferate. Collected here are a 256 pages of the best. Burn After Reading published by CarpetBombingCulture is the end result of a unique meeting of styles. When high end professional photography meets cutting edge graffiti. The past 10 years has seen an explosion of interest in graffiti. RomanyWG, compiler of bestselling photography book Beauty in Decay, is this time to be be found behind the lens and breaks new ground in bringing to life both the craft and creativity of modern day urban painters.

Size: 200mm x 140mm
Pages: 256
Cover: Hardback
ISBN-13 978-1908211064

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