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Drink Ink!

There is no reælity – until you mæke one. Rabea Senftenberg built her own universe. The Queendom of Senftenbørg is a plæce, where little monsters took over the power and colours and 3D have served their time.

She prefers playing on different surfaces like walls, wood, stones, brick, canvæs, elephants, cotton, skin or pæper.

Rabea wørks on værious projects and ideas, preferably at the sæme time. Her wørk is inspired by this & thæt, club culture and party hedønism. Since 2010 she gives the Robot Army Berlin a visual ID.

There are rumours, that she´s a fæmous german politician with migrætion bæckground but we think that´s just a hoax.
And she loves sloths.

„I was born in the 1860ies in a very old and forgotten part of Berlin, the Republic of Senftenbørg. This lovely place turned into a monarchy quite soon after my sixth birthday. Later I became the boss of this whole Queendom where I still live with three of my magic sloths. You see, it’s an ancient tribe and my name was given to me in order
to keep the family tradition alive.“

2011 Arbase Urban Art Festival
2012 Artaq 3rd Street Art & Urban Arts Award,
2012 Artbase, Berlin
2012 Silence Is A Lie, Berlin
2012 Color Revolution, Chemnitz
2013 Musenstube Berlin/ exhibition S. Rummler & R. Senftenberg
2013 Lange Nacht der Wissenschaften/ Projektraum Experience Art!/ Installation/ Technische Universität Berlin
2013 Athens Street Art Festival + Group Show at CAMP Gallery Athens
2013 Unfollow The Leader/ Group Show/Schaufenster Berlin/ Curator: Jim Avignon
2013 Home Sweet Home/ Bottleneck Gallery NY/ Under The Bridge Groupshow
2013/2014 Happy Hour At The Hypnotist/ group show/ Neurotitan Berlin
2013/2014 Solo Show/ Lox/ Bremen, Germany
2014 Exhibition at COMICINVAION Berlin// Urban Spree, Berlin
2014 BERLIN FLYERS 1994-2014, Xavierlaboulbenn, Berlin
2014 Krake Festival Berlin// Urban Spree, Berlin
2014 Farbe & Unordnung// Berlinartstudios
2015 Femme Fierce Reloaded, Leake Street Tunnel, London
2015 Femme Fierce Croyden Takeover gallery show at RISEgallery, London (groupshow)
2015 Athens Street Art Festival
2015, September: Straßengold/CityLeaks Festival Cologne + group show @Kuktubunker Köln
2015, December: Depot Gallery Athens/ group show /
2016, April: Depot Gallery Athens/ Daily Demon/ Jim Avignon+Rabea Senftenberg
2017, Factory Berlin/ solo show/ cats, groups and robots
2012 Artaq Award 2012/ nominated
2014 New York Festivals/ silver
2014 Art Directors Club Germany/ bronze
2012 Musen Mag
2012 Artaq Awards/ book
2013 Sachen mit Wœrtern
2013 Catapult Art Mag, issue #18
2013 The Corner Magazine #2
2014 Sachen mit Wœrtern
2105 Jaja-Verlag, WG-Planer
2015 Basta Taschenkalender
2015 Sachen mit Wœrtern
2016 Basta Taschenkalender

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Rabea Senftenberg: "Here We Are Now Entertain Us"  - Marker and fun on Cardboard, a piece of Berlin
Rabea: Here We Are Now
180,00 € *
Rabea Senftenberg: " Me, Myself And I"  - Marker and fun on paper bag, a piece of Berlin - stamped and signed by the artist
Rabea: Me, Myself And I
300,00 € *
Rabea Senftenberg: "I Kill People"  - Marker and fun on a wall, a piece of Berlin
Rabea: I Kill People
50,00 € *
Rabea Senftenberg: "You Rock"  - Marker and fun on Stone, a piece of Berlin
Rabea: You Rock
40,00 € *
Rabea Senftenberg: "Close-up Of A Cloud"  - Marker and fun on paper postcard
Rabea: Close-up Of A Cloud
25,00 € *
Rabea Senftenberg: "Could it be, that Tuesdays are the real Mondays?"  - Marker and fun on paper postcard - stamped and signed by the artist at the backside, 2017
Rabea: The Real Mondays
25,00 € *
Rabea Senftenberg: "Where Are We Meow" original postcard  - Marker and fun on paper postcard - Drink Ink
Rabea: Where Are We Meow
25,00 € *
Rabea Senftenberg: "Meøw" original postcard  - Marker and fun on paper postcard
Rabea: Meøw
25,00 € *
Rabea Senftenberg: "Dirty Dancing 2.0" original postcard
Rabea: Dirty Dancing 2.0
25,00 € *
Rabea Senftenberg: "Tier macht Sachen" original postcard
Rabea: Tier macht Sachen
25,00 € *
Rabea Senftenberg: "I Feel So Tourette Today" original postcard
Rabea: I Feel So Tourette Today
25,00 € *
Rabea Senftenberg: "Say Yes To No Adventures" original postcard
Rabea: Say Yes To No Adventures
25,00 € *
Rabea Senftenberg: "Happy" original postcard
Rabea: Happy
25,00 € *
Rabea Senftenberg: "Current Mood" original postcard
Rabea: Current Mood
25,00 € *
Rabea Senftenberg: "Addicted to You" original postcard
Rabea: Addicted to You
25,00 € *
Rabea Senftenberg: "Hello" original postcard
Rabea: Hello
25,00 € *
Rabea Senftenberg: "Steinkuchen - Schwarz"
Rabea: Steinkuchen - Schwarz
30,00 € *
Rabea Senftenberg: "Steinkuchen - Weiß"
Rabea: Steinkuchen - Weiß
30,00 € *
Rabea Senftenberg: "Stadtmusikanten"
Rabea: Stadtmusikanten
333,00 € *
Rabea Senftenberg: "Zum Fressen Gern" - Muttaliebe 2.0
Rabea: Zum Fressen Gern
180,00 € *
Rabea Senftenberg: "All You Need Is Love" Tipi Paper bag - series
Rabea: All You Need Is Love
300,00 € *
Rabea Senftenberg: "Tyger! Tyger!"
Rabea: Tyger! Tyger!
300,00 € *
Rabea Senftenberg: "Drop It Like It’s Hot" / SALZIG Berlin
Rabea: Drop It Like It’s Hot
200,00 € *
Rabea Senftenberg: "Frida Catslo: Keep Calm and look at Cat Selfies"
Rabea: Keep Calm and Look at Cat Selfies
250,00 € *
Rabea Senftenberg: "Believe it or not, George isn't at home"
Rabea: George II
40,00 € *
Rabea: Happy Family
Rabea: Happy Family
45,00 € *
Rabea Senftenberg: "YOU daughter of a BITCH"
120,00 € *
Rabea Senftenberg: "Un fuck Your fucking Self"
Rabea: Un fuck Your fucking Self
120,00 € *
Rabea Senftenberg: "Mini Paste up"
Rabea: Mini Paste up
60,00 € *
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