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Dared Berlin - contemporary voilence since 1998

Be the One who Dared. Berlin based street artist „Dared“ loves to take you out of your daily routines, and make you a smile. Phatty, his original urban art character refers to an animal world which is playfully humanized in a cartoon-like and post-pop aesthetic. The French bulldog is used to illustrate different situations and activities. Which one have you noticed in the streets?

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Dared: "Martial Art - Paste Up I"
Dared: Martial Art - Paste Up I
300,00 € *
Dared: "Martial Art III" - mixed media on green paper - available at SALZIG Berlin
Dared: Martial Art III Dared
20,00 € *
Martial Art II Dared
Dared: Martial Art II Dared
20,00 € *
Dared: Martial Art I Dared
Dared: Martial Art I Dared
20,00 € *
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