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Although I exhibit in galleries, I consider myself a graffiti artist. My tools are stencils and sprays, and I am inspired by the adrenalin I feel when I paint. I like to play in my head with the design I am about to create, and then project some of my eclectic personality onto each panel or wall I work with. I love the challenge that is inherent to my art, and I love the reaction from the public that you can get when they see art on the street. I know where I am and where I want to go – I want to reach a stage where people can appreciate art wherever they see it, even in a surprising context. My emotions are key to everything I do – balancing the chaos of life with the need to control. My work reflects the integrity and honesty that I believe to be so essential to art.

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Colp One: "Adelita" - Stencil on postal sticker
Colp One: Adelita - Stencil on postal sticker
20,00 € *
Colp One: "Adelita" - Sticker
Colp One: Adelita - Sticker
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