Chimp: Create A Better Life

Dave the Chimp: "Create A Better Life" - Original Postcard
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Dave the Chimp: "Create A Better Life" - 3 colour risograph print - 21 cm x 30 cm - 150 gr... mehr
Produktinformationen "Chimp: Create A Better Life"

Dave the Chimp: "Create A Better Life"

- 3 colour risograph print
- 21 cm x 30 cm
- 150 gr Munken paper

"Most people can’t afford to buy a painting. But I want people to have my work.
Thankfully I discovered risography!!!
The natural textures look great for the things I draw, and I like that there are slight differences between each print. Nothing is 100% accurate. These things give the prints life, make them “real”.
It’s also a low cost way to make multiples, and means they are very affordable!
Which means we all win!!!"

- Human Beans

Material: Paper
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