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Awer born in Polignano a mare in 1986, he start to paint graffiti around 2000 and in 2005 he moves to Milan where he graduated as graphic designer and art director in New Accademy of Fine Arts and in the meanwhile he started his personal artistic research and he had chance to start with the first exhibitions and commissioned works; actually he works as freelancer artist and tattooer and is based in Berlin.
His work is a line based world where landscapes and oniric creatures hypnotize the viewer into this fluid vibrantly movement.
Inspired by nature creations, sea and anatomy, Awer is a fluid magma in continuous motion that advances and propagates chaotically, taking shape from the flow of ideas it encounters and which its movement generates in a sort of dance. A hypnotic aesthetic scenario that uses the “styluses” of Op Art, psychedelic art and computer graphics to create surrealistic visual paracosms. The imagery of Awer is dominated by irregular streams of parallel lines that, as if moved by waves of a sound rhythm, spread brightly like energy trails.
Artistic productions that investigate the boundaries of perception, captures the view of the spectator in a sensory experience.

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Awer: "Purple Papillon 40/50" - salzig berlin
Awer: Purple Papillon 40/50
100,00 € *
Awer: "Purple Papillon 28/50" - salzigberlin
Awer: Purple Papillon 28/50
100,00 € *
Awer: "Purple Papillon 4/50" - screenprint on paper - salzigberlin
Awer: Purple Papillon 4/50
100,00 € *
Awer: "Landscape" - SALZIG - StreetartGallery
Awer: Landscape
1.200,00 € *
Awer: "Moto Perpetuo" - SALZIG Berlin - Streetart Galerie
Awer: Moto Perpetuo
1.000,00 € *
Awer: "Landscape 3" - series of 12 different handmade pieces - acrylic and solvent on vynil records
Awer: Landscape 3
140,00 € *
Awer: "Protection 3 - Shell" at SALZIGberlin
Awer: Protection 4 - Shell
200,00 € *
Awer: "Protection 3" - Lady - Awerart
Awer: Protection 3 - Lady
180,00 € *
Awer: "Protection 1" - series of 14 different handmade pieces at SALZIG
Awer: Protection 2
130,00 € *
Awer: "Protection 1" - series of 14 different handmade pieces at SALZIG
Awer: Protection 1
130,00 € *
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