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is a german artist based in Berlin. His works mainly present subjects, bewildered by harsh situations, confronted with terrifying issues. ALIAS portfolio focuses on one individual at a time, presenting with their small, oftentimes tragic stories in a collective epic tale.

The Importance of the Location
ALIAS choose the spots for his public art with great care. The stencil's are likely to be found in obscure, isolated locations. The location is an integral part of his work and can be seen as an extension of his concept.

Materials Matter
Next to the location, the materials ALIAS use as a backdrop for his studio works are just as important. The surface that will serve as a canvas is another conceptual supplement for every piece. Scavenging for rusty old metal and other scrap materials to use as a background infuses each of his mobile works with the spirit of the original location.

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Alias: Lost - SALZIGBerlin - Streetart Gallery
Alias: Lost
680,00 € *
Alias & Prost: Alias - SALZIGBerlin - Streetart Gallery
Alias & Prost: ALIAS
340,00 € *
Alias: Zombieboy - SALZIGBerlin - Streetart Gallery
Alias: Zombieboy
820,00 € *
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